Strike Out Violence Winter 2017


WHAT IT IS: Turn a fun team sport into a great fundraising opportunity for your favorite non-profit. bcmPEACE is hosting Strike Out Violence Bowl-A-Thon on Sunday, February 12, 2017 from 2-5pm at Red Crown Bowling Center.

HOW TO PLAN: Six-member teams are recommended, and advanced registration is required! We suggest a fundraising goal of $75 per person.

Groups can reserve a lane and take turns bowling inf you have more than six players, but bring friends because even spectators and a cheering section for your group is encouraged. Individuals and smaller teams will be combined into six-member teams on-site for consistent playing times.

Register a six-member team (or a group of more than six) by February 6, 2017 to receive complimentary raffle tickets.

1) Each person is asked to set a fundraising goal of $75 or more. That would make your team fundraising goal $450 or more. Collect support donations for you as an individual or for your whole team from now until the event. Share the link to this website through email and social networks to spread the word!
2) Prizes will be awarded for best team costume. Pick a theme, dress crazy. Some ideas include: A decade (the 70’s, 80’s, Roaring 20’s), a TV/film cast, cartoon characters, emojis, superheroes – use your imagination and get your team involved.
3) Even bowlers who need bumper lanes can bowl!
4) Prizes will be awarded for high score teams and individuals (and special silly prizes for the lowest scores, too)
5) You can invite friends that day, even if they don’t want to bowl and are just there to cheer you on and enjoy the fun.
6) You can receive donations to support your team from people at your house of worship, school, neighborhood, work place, or family, even if they can’t attend. We call these awesome givers “Virtual Bowlers!”

WHAT TO DO NEXT: Click to registerthen share your unique fundraising link, and begin raising donations to support the event and the work of bcmPEACE.

For additional information, contact the event coordinator Wanda Santiago at 717-525-7565 or email Register now at FirstGiving.